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About me

I’ve been writing copy for about a hundred years. That’s a lot of commas, full stops and apostrophes. So it’s a good job I know exactly where to put them. But a copywriter’s job isn’t just about grammar and getting ten out of ten for spelling. It’s also about arguing a case, connecting with an audience and expressing an organisation’s personality. I work hard to understand your business, tone of voice and proposition, and to craft a message that differentiates and persuades. I know how to make gobbledegook make sense. And I get a real kick from purging long-winded tracts of all those words that just don’t need to be there. It’s therapeutic. A bit like ironing. (Or is that just me?)

Employment marketing and more

Along the way I’ve been a Head of Copy and Creative Director, run copywriting workshops and even been in prison (while researching careers for women prison officers, that is). Plus I’ve won my fair share of awards.

Much of my background is in employment and internal comms – defining and building employer brands and promoting them to everyone from school-leavers to seasoned professionals. I’ve enlightened undergraduates on the finer points of investment banking, sold department stores to salespeople and fired scientists up about a different kind of culture.

It’s given me exposure to all sorts of industries and target audiences. And it’s taught me how to pull out selling points, highlight features and benefits, sum up an offer quickly and write for very specific groups of people. Which means my skills are transferable into all sorts of B2B and B2C briefs.

Anywhere, (almost) anytime

Location isn’t an issue. I work for clients in the US and Australia as well as the UK – thank you Skype, Dropbox, Google+, join.me and the rest.

Plus I love deadlines. (What creative doesn’t?) Those wonderful, looming cut-off dates that keep you focused – and off the streets. If you have a deadline that’s really starting to nag, send it my way.

What could I write for you?

Your website might just need a refresh. You may want to add dozens of new pages that connect with people as well as search engines. Or you could be after something more succinct for smartphones, or to encourage the download of an app.

And although everything might be moving online, there’s nothing quite like the ‘brand in your hand’: the feel, the smell, the longevity. Whether it’s a simple leaflet, a glossy brochure or something in between, I can write it, edit it and proof it.

Here’s a not-at-all-comprehensive list of the kind of things I could write and edit for you.
• websites
• emails
• e-newsletters
• online ads
• press ads
• brochures
• annual reports
• posters
• leaflets
• letters
• video scripts
• radio scripts.

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