Experiencing HSBC

Selling a wealth of options to an array of undergraduates makes pinning down one message hard. We managed it by highlighting the very scope of the offer. HSBC is big. There’s a lot to choose from. And there’s even more to enjoy. Our A5, hard-backed brochure picked out 50 of the bank’s selling points and summed each of them up in the words of a recent graduate recruit. Then the second half of the brochure explained how  graduates could get their hands on each of these experiences. Have a look at just a handful of them here.

HSBC brochure coverHSBC brochure 1HSBC brochure 2HSBC brochure 3HSBC brochure 4HSBC brochure 5HSBC brochure 6HSBC brochure 7HSBC brochure 10HSBC brochure 11HSBC brochure 8HSBC brochure 9

HSBC brochure 12